Nobody Reads This!

BAM Design is not something that came to be overnight. Even though Doug Hudak brings life to each project and everything he touches explodes (in a good way) this business was something he had to kindle, learn to harness, and in time, grow it to what it is today. 

Here are a few more words from Doug himself;

"As a child, you could sit me at the kitchen table with a container of Play-Doh and wouldn't hear from me for hours on end. In school, you would find me washing all the desks in the classroom since I couldn't resist drawing on them. 

Now, I have over 25 years of graphic design experience under my belt. Not only have I managed to retain the passion, but the boundless imagination of my youth. I strongly believe everything I create is a direct reflection of my work. 

With that said, every project I put my hands to has to be the best that it can possibly be or I am not satisfied. Give me a chance to unleash my inner child on your project and you won't be disappointed when it comes to show and tell time!"


-This Is How It All Starts-

Whether it's a business card or a full-blown branding makeover, it starts with a conversation. Finding out about you, your company, and your current and potential clients. All of these factors are important in forming the shape of your project. You are not a cookie-cutter, you and your brand are individual and need to be represented correctly. From here, we get to dig into the fun creative process of picking out fonts, images and colors, combining them into a proof. This then in turn triggers the back and forth process that chisels it down until, together, we have created something amazing!