Doodle for inspiration.

The physical sketchpad is a valuable tool. When I’m brainstorming ideas for a logo, the first thing I do is grab my sketchbook and start doodling. I write down the name that will appear on the logo and sketch out symbols that might be used. Soon inspiration hits and I create ideas for a finished logo. This usually gets me to the point where I am ready to develop the logo in Illustrator. The doodles and or sketches don’t need to be masterpieces they are just meant to get the creative juices flowing so that you have an idea of what you’d like to create. Most of the time I will sketch several logo ideas, scan the page and send it to my customer to help me narrow down the options to start creating in Illustrator. I found this saves me a lot of time. If I skip a step and start by creating in Illustrator sometimes I run into dead ends that give me a fever and the only prescription is more doodles!

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